H6 040 GEISP - 1


  • 60 cm
  • Black Glass
  • Induction Built-in Hob
  • Front Control
  • Slider Touch Control
  • Safety Lock
  • Automatic Safety Cut Out
  • Booster Function
  • Auto Heat-Up
  • Residual Heat Indicators
  • Timer and Reminder
  • 9 Power Levels
  • 4 Induction Cooking Zones
  • 2 x Ø145 mm: 1400 W (1800 W Booster)
  • 2 x Ø180 mm: 2000 W (2600 W Booster)



Aesthetic and Durable Cast Iron Pan Supports!

Cast iron pan supports brings the professional look to your hob, also provides maximum stability. This functionality enables to use pots and pans of any size without the risk of tilting.

Easy to Clean Glass

The smooths cratch-resistant glass surface of electric and gas hobs not only bring the beauty to your kitchen, but also extremely easy to clean as well.

Italian Sabaf Burners

The high-power wok burner cooks food rapidly, without reducing its nutritional value. Heat is more evenly distributed at the bottom of the pan, resulting in excellent cooking performance over a shorter period of time.

Induction Productivity Table

Induction Cooktops work on a dierent principle despite the traditional cooking methods. The cooktop produces the electromagnetic vibrations, which induce the pot or pan to generate its own heat, resulting in quickly heating the pan and its content only. This way the hob remains relatively cool.With the Induction technology only 10% of the energy used is lost to the surrounding.

Booster & Slider Control

Temperature can be adjusted by moving your nger over the scale of the hob’s surface. This functionality enables simpler operations. 9 Level adjustment can be done by the sliding.

Maximum Safety for your Family!

Safety takes place on the top for Simfer. Thats why , we produced hobs with 'Flame Failure Safety Device' feature. It preserves all dangerous situations that can harm you and your loved ones.

Rotate Your Hob Rotate Your Kitchen

The hob that takes the form of kitchen.